Monday, October 18, 2010

It's October!!!!!

October is by far my favorite month ever. It starts with being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and ends with Halloween. My birthday, fall color changes, brisk/sunny days and gaining an hour in daylight savings - who doesn't like this month? So let's start at the beginning and this may be a multiple entry blog as it may get quite long!

If you don't know know, I'm a huge supporter of finding a cure for breast cancer, so beginning in September, Shauna and I attended a cupcake competition that benefited the local Susan G. Komen foundation. We each were able to try 10 cupcakes and vote for the best taste and display. Low and behold, both that I voted for won! An apple-Heath-chocolate cupcake won and I think it did being so different than all the other pink cupcakes there.

Then on Sept. 26th, Shauna, Jeff, my mom and I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Over 16,000 people participated this year, which was an astronomical increase over years past. It was amazing to see so many people supporting the cause. Next year, I may even run the race!

Okay - now into October!!! On Oct. 2nd - Farm Aid came to Milwaukee and I just had to go. This was my chance to see Dave Matthews for the year and be apart of history. Kacey treated us to steaks and potato packets. Minus the rain, it was a great time with tailgating, meeting up with old friends and enjoying great music with a great message. Dave definitely stole the show as I knew he would. But Miller Park is not acoustically sound for concerts, so if you go, get lower seats than nose-bleed, so you don't go deaf or get a headache from reverberations.As you can see, we were really high up and can you believe that just 3 Brewers handle all that outfield where all those people are sitting!!??

Oct. 5th was my actual birthday and my mom and I dined at Cheesecake Factory. To those that love 14 Hands wine - they serve it there (unfortunately a glass goes for what you can buy the bottle for..). I had a steak and shrimp combo with an exorbitant amount of smashed potatoes as you can see. Everything was delicious but they should really cut back on the portions -- way too large for anyone to finish and as Farm Aid just stated - let's not waste! Of course we had to get cheesecake and we couldn't help ourselves but to get our favorite combo - white chocolate brownie macadamia nut - YUM!!

After dinner, I met up with Tiffany in downtown Waukesha and we split a bottle of Kenwood Cabernet Sauvignon at Generations at 5 Points. On Tuesdays, they have 1/2 price bottles on certain wines. It was a great way to catch up with her and the wine was delicious. Just as we were finishing the wine, we decided to head over to The Nice Ash for a night cap with Kacey, Jimmy and Jeff. That bar is really growing on me now that its only cigar smoke inside. They had Live Rockband going and Tiffany played guitar for a few of the songs. It was a fun way to end my birthday night!

There is so much more to talk about after, but I'll save that for another post...Thanks for reading!

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