Friday, September 24, 2010

J. Lotti's Opening Night

Just a short blog as many more about this restaurant are sure to follow. Next Wednesday I will begin training to serve (and other front of house stuff) at J. Lotti's but I gathered a wonderful group of friends and we headed over there for their Grand Opening last night. When we got there, a group from the Waukesha Business Alliance, BID and others were seated at a table. I was really happy to see the local community come out a support this place.

We chose a booth and got comfy as we were ready for just about anything. The music was a good mix of pop, rock and R&B - something for everyone which was nice. We were greeted by our server and jumped into beverages right away! Tory and I opted for the X-Rated and Lemonade 2-4-1 special as the boys settled in with Brandy & Coke and Moon Man IPA. We placed our order and took in the ambiance. Tiffaney and John were walking around meeting people and thanking everyone that came in. I'm really excited to work for such wonderful people.

Then the food arrived. I ordered the Southwest Egg Rolls and Tory got the breaded chicken wings. Everything came with fries last night - a little additional perk for opening night seeing as the full burger menu will not be debuted until Oct. 2 (during the Art Crawl). Everyone cleared their plates and I believe everyone was satisfied with the food. As more friends arrived later in the evening I got to see the Pepperjack cheese shotz that looked yummy and the actual chicken wings that seems very large and smelled great.

The later in the night it got, the more and more people showed up. That's a great sign! Tonight they are going to have a band and show the lingerie bowl game on TV and Saturday they are going to show the UFC fight. Of course - drink specials will coincide with that. So if you are looking for a new place to try, head on over to J. Lotti's Pub & Grill House on South Street. And if Parking it at a premium on the streets, park in the structure, bring the ticket and you get a free beer!

Hope to see you there soon!


  1. What's the phone number for J. Lotti's?

  2. According to the Facebook page its 262-522-3009.