Monday, August 2, 2010

Fifth Friday

The Waukesha Chamber of Commerce's Young Professionals Group meets at House of Guinness for networking and good conversation anytime a month has 5 Fridays - hence 5th Friday! I have gone to a few of these events and have met some interesting people as well as old friends. The crowd turnout is usually around 15 people that come and go and take advantage of the networking and drink specials to those in the YP group. With HOG now having both Strongbow and Crispin on tap, I was in heaven.

This time, no one from the Sentry Liquor crew could join me to network, so my Ellie and I went together. There was definitely some funny-men in the group but also some really nice people to network with. Ellie is venturing out on her own as a freelancer so this networking event proved pretty beneficial to her. It just helps to recognize a few more faces around downtown after one of these.

Ellie and I then grabbed a bite to eat at Magellan's - being two doors down and probably the best pizza in Waukesha. I have never seen the place so crowded, which made me happy that it's catching along. Magellan's has the bar side and then the food side (although food is served on both sides) the atmosphere on the new side (the old fish store) is more sports bar/restaurant-ish. We splurged and got the sweet potato fries which were delicious as always! Ellie dipped hers in BBQ sauce and said it was something about the sweet and smokey that made the combo so great for her. I would have preferred a little powdered sugar on them to reminisce the flavor of a funnel cake! (Never got one at the Fair so my next goal is State Fair!). Our pizza then came and the waitress apologized for putting pepperoni and not sausage on it, but we were completely OK with it. It's not like she switched banana peppers for mushrooms or something.

Again the pizza was delicious with pepperoni, mushrooms and onions on it. Nothing overpowered anything else and the seasonings they sprinkle over the entire pizza are definitely one of the reasons they stand out from other places in downtown. I have always talked about doing a "wing tasting of Waukesha' but maybe I truly need to do a "pizza tasting of Waukesha." My waistband may pay for it, but what a way to go.

This week I will be venturing back to places I love - Sprizzo's and Club 400. My co-worker Amy is leaving the company and we are sending her off in style with two gatherings on her behalf. I hope to have great reports from both events. And maybe even some pictures!

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  1. Forgot to mention this - Magellan's now has a punch card for pizza. Buy 7 pizzas and get a pizza and a domestic pitcher FREE! And there are cute little piggies on the back of the card. Awesome addition Magellan's-I'll have this card filled in no time!