Friday, July 9, 2010

County Fair Food!!!

In just under 2 weeks, the Waukesha County Fair will be in full swing. Yes I have already blogged on it once this year, but the food list has been released for the Fair. If you are planning on attending the Fair this year (plenty of ways to get in for cheap), there will definitely be something for everyone to enjoy. From the traditional hot dogs and ice cream and don't forget the 4-H famous cream puffs to the ginormous turkey legs, yummy catfish and deep fried everything - you just have to try something fun.

My go-to every year is Silver Spur BBQ. A tragic fire destroyed the building two years ago but they have re-established themselves in Elm Grove. Bubba's Chicken Strips meal is probably one of the most filling for the cost on the grounds. You get their yummy sweet-coated chicken strips and fries with homemade honey mustard for around $5. That's a great deal. I go once or twice while I'm working.

Another go-to for me is Catfish Johnny's and as the name states, this is hush-puppies, crab cakes and catfish fries. The owner "Johnny" is an amazing guy and has helped us out with supplying food for some TV segments. It is downright yummy and filling!

Of course the deep-fried cheese and veggie booth is always a hit at night for a late night treat while listening to some awesome music. I hope to venture out and really try something interesting this year. I know I said that last year too, but I really hope to.

Here is the link to all the food vendors at this year's Fair - it's like your menu to help you plan your day. Because who goes to a Fair and doesn't eat?!?!?!

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