Thursday, July 1, 2010

5 at 5 Gen

Last night my boss Pete at the liquor store invited my co-worker Tory and I to join him and his wife for cocktails at Generations at 5 Points. We were very excited because Tory is friends with the head chef Joe and both of us know how yummy everything is there. As we were leaving the store, our co-worker Brandon stopped in. So after we arrived at 5 Gen and got the approval, Brandon joined us too - making it a party of 5. Of course we got there quite late (9:30) so tapas were done, but we could still get dessert.

We started with wine and being that it was Wednesday - house wines were $5 a glass. Their house brand happens to be Kendall-Jackson, which is one of my go-to brands when I need a wine or a recommendation for someone. Pete, Karlyn, Tory and Brandon all got the Merlot and I went with the Pinot Noir. They were all wonderful.

The came time for dessert. Our server (amazing lady that she was) shared with us that they had the pan-friend cinnamon bread which I have had before and absolutely loved. They also had a key lime pie and a "berrymisu" - remove the coffee, add berries. We decided on the pan-fried bread and berrymisu and we were soooo happy with our selections.

Both desserts were definitely enough for 2 if not more people to share. The warm cinnamon bread drizzled with caramel ended up being the favorite. A scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream on top was a perfect touch - along with a few fresh raspberries. The berrymisu was about 6 layers tall and just wonderful. Fresh berries everywhere and real whipped cream on the side made this a delicious compliment to our wine. We had some great conversation and ended up staying until about 11 pm. I'm not totally sure on their hours because two girls came in around 10:45 and were still served beverages at least. But I'm pretty sure entrees and desserts were done by then. All the website said was they are open until "close."

Unfortunately they don't do lunch hour or I would recommend this place to my co-workers as a break from the norm of deli-style sandwiches that run the downtown area. But with a happy hour that goes from 3 - 6 pm Tuesday - Friday that includes $5 glasses of house wine, $3 Svedka single mixers and $6 cosmo's - its definitely a place to hit up after a grueling day! They even have a few tables for outdoor dining, but they were not out last night.

They even have a really cute area in the back that I have considered reserving for a party. I would have to inquire as to the costs, etc. I think it would be a cute place for an upscale bday bash or some sort of party!

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