Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Catch up Time!

Wow has the time flown by since my last blog. I can't believe over a month went by and I didn't blog. I did eat at a few spots in downtown so now I have to dig thru my memory and remember all the yum-yum-ness! Ok let's start with what I can remember.

I visited the Rochester Deli on a Wednesday of Lent (I believe the last one before Lent was over) and had the opportunity to try their crab cake po-boy sammich. It was amazing. I have just realized my love for warm crab and when its fried with other yummy stuff, its even more delicious so I'm really glad I was able to try it. It was served on a nice kaiser roll with arugula and spicy red pepper mayo. (Note to self: I need to learn how to make red pepper mayo!!) Upon the first bite I was hooked and so made at myself for not going every Wednesday during Lent so I could enjoy it. Maybe I can convince them to bring it back as a daily special???

Next, I just want to make a quick mention that last week when I was at Subway, I saw that they have breakfast now. Semi-shocking to me, its nutritious and not too pricey. They have egg white scrambled on an english muffin and all the veggies to choose from that they typically have. I'm not usually on that side of town in the morning but its something to think of for a weekend. I will share once I try it.

Where to next? Ah yes..last week my friend Shauna met me for lunch at Sprizzo's and we got to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine on our lunch. We went a little earlier than noon because the place fills up quickly and we wanted to guarantee getting a spot outside. Good thing we did because right at noon, all the tables were full on the patio. I ordered half of the turkey sandwich and a side salad with their parmesan peppercorn dressing. I love the dill mayo that Sprizzo's uses (Note to self: Learn this mayo too!) and it just adds a little extra to the taste of the sandwich. My salad had lettuce, green peppers and tomatoes on it with a heaping amount of croutons. I shouldn't have probably eaten all the croutons but they were delicious. Shauna had a turkey deluxe sandwich and side salad and her sandwich looked amazing too. She took half of it home for dinner that night! The sandwiches are not on the skimpy side there at all. I probably would have been content with just half a sandwich and didn't even need the salad. One issue we did have was that the outdoor waitress seemed to get quite bogged down and it took a really long time to get the bill and then pay for it. So lunch took 1 hr and 15 minutes total. Ooops - had to make up that 15 mins. the next day. (Luckily the next day wasn't as beautiful out)

Lastly I want to talk about Magellan's. This was a new place to me and thanks to an ad in the Freeman, I decided to check it out. Magellan's was quite a tiny bar down by Donnie Boys that never really seemed to intrigue me. On a bar crawl thru Waukesha a year ago with Tiffany, we noticed their menu hanging outside and glanced at it. They have quite the menu of items to eat. So it then hit my radar to maybe go there sometime. Well this past winter the aquatics store next to Magellan's went out of business, leaving it vacant. Magellan's quickly scooped up the property and began working on it. They ended up building a stage in the front, put a pool table and shuffle board in back and a flat screen on the side wall. there are 4 bar height tables and 3 low tables for 4 up the middle. We overheard the waitress say they are having issues with the landlords not letting them connect the two buildings, but they hope to find a way to get people easily from one side to the other. In the basement they hope to build up stadium seating and put a big screen down there to watch games. I wish them the best with the place.

The ad in the Freeman said that the special for April was a pitcher of domestic beer and a 10" pizza for $8, so Shauna and I decided to try that. Well I guess we weren't thinking when we ordered because we thought a 10" pizza was little so we got cheese curds too! The cheese curds were amazing - different style breading that I can't explain - maybe beer battered - but they were delicious as always - deep friend cheese + beer + Wisconsin = heaven! And then the pizza showed up. Either my measurements were off or our pizza was more like a 12" or something - it was very big. The crust was nice and moist and they added extra seasonings on top of the cheese which made the pizza amazing. The explosion of flavors on my palette was spectacular. I believe they have a deal with a bottle of wine as well and pizza for a bit more. But I will definitely keep this place on my radar for food and fun in waukesha. I just started following them on Twitter and became their friend on Facebook and I see they have a Wii and competitions with it. That could be fun!!!

My next posting will be the about all the yummy food I have made for myself lately. I finally have a grill and I am very excited for this summer and the food I will concoct and enjoy!!! Until next time - happy eating!


  1. How fun Sarah I love tasting & talking about good foods! I too love warm crab in yummy sandwiches :) One of my favorite restaurants (if not THEE) is Jack's Cafe check it out if you haven't been there. I hope to try Rochester soon as I keep hearing about it. PS flavored mayos are fun if you create a good one please share! I have made chipotle mayo before and it turned out really good. K, happy dining :)

  2. Man I need to get back to Rochester Deli to try this crab cake po boy. Its hard to pass the Rueben or the Pastrami but that crab cake sandwich sounds awesome.

    Good to hear that Magellan's has good pizza. I have been wanting to check it out.