Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Revisiting old Friends!

In the last few weeks, I haven't had a chance to try anywhere new in Waukesha, but I did manage to stop by a few of my favorites for another meal.

We will start with Cafe de Arts. (http://www.cafedearts.info/1452.html) I met my friend Tory there two weeks ago while she was training for her new job and we both ordered the same thing unknowingly. The cook actually delivered the sandwiches and explained that she accidentally made our ham and cheese panini's on ciabatta bread and not on a french roll like it stated. It still looked and tasted like a panini to me, so I was completely fine with it. But I did appreciate the time the cook took out of the kitchen to walk over and confirm with us that we were fine with the slight change. It really shows care for the customer and hopefulness for a return (don't worry, I'm hooked, I'll be back)

Secondly, I went to Steaming Cup last week and enjoyed their Cranberry Bog sandwich. This is the epitamy of Thanksgiving-in-your-mouth (minus the stuff which I don't like anyways). Cranberry ciabatta bread, cranberry cream cheese, turkey, mustard, walnuts and toasted up warm. (Red peppers come on it too, but I ask for them to be removed.) The sandwich again was just as great as I remember, but the potato salad was a little too familiar to that you get at the supermarket deli. The only complaint I have about Steaming Cup (and there are ways around this) is the wait for food. I 100% appreciate the fact that my food is made fresh and isn't sitting in some chiller or under a heat lamp waiting to be ordered, but it does seem a bit long. I will have to order in advance from now on so I can fit in the walk there and back, get the food and have time to eat it at the office.

My latest visit to an old friend was to Coffee and Beans today for lunch. I have been meaning to get in here to try their lunch items and not just their beverages. When I walked in, it was rearranged from the last time I was there. All the coffee was on the right wall now. There were tables against the left wall and games and puzzles available for customers to play with. This is definitely something I may do at night with a few friends if they have later hours. I was disappointed they only had one size Chai Tea Latte and it was 3.95 so I skipped that today and got myself a cup of their soup of the day, Turkey Noodle. While waiting for the soup to come up, I eyed up a cinnamon raisin bagel and thought that was well worth it to have on the side. (Had I know the soup came with bread, I would have skipped the bagel. When I got back to the office and opened the soup, I was pleasantly surprised to see chopped up baby carrots and corn in the soup and not just turkey and noodles and sodium. However, the noodles had definitely taken a beating in the last day or so and were pretty separated apart and almost resembled rice. The soup was delicious. The bread with the soup was nothing too special - a little sweetness to it. I would probably go back and try one of their sandwiches and I find it funny - she has hot dogs on her menu. Good for summer to walk around the downtown and snack a hot dog.

Just thought of this - there are no street vendors in Waukesha - well at least not downtown. I have heard the Mexican ice cream man and watched him push his cart and of course there is the infamous ice cream truck playing fun songs all summer long, but no street vendors for hot dogs and brats. Maybe that is why Sloppy Joe's is located at the 5 Points??? They served Sloppy's and hot dogs, but I don't know about brats??? And when are they going to be open full time again????


  1. We walked by Sloppy Joe's and wondered the same thing. So weird that there aren't any hours-of-operation signs to convince us to come back!

  2. Sloppy Joe's is owned by Divino Gelato, so I might just have to stop in there and see what is up with the hours for it for the next few months - stay posted!

  3. I think Sloppy Joes is only open weekends but it will change once the weather is better and downtown foot traffic increases.

    Someone said there is a taco truck that parks over near one of the industrial parks near 164. I'll see if I can find out more.

    Street vendors would be great, especially during Art Crawls and Friday Night Live