Friday, January 29, 2010

Wings, Wings, Wings

If you would have invited me to a wing night at a bar 3 years ago, my response would have been, "Can I get something other than wings?" But now, its a different story. I still don't like hot sauce really and that stems back to waitressing when the wing craze first started. Imagine smelling like that sauce all day and night while working and having it spill on you - just nauseating at times.

So it started at Club 400 when I got a raw chicken sandwich and decided to finally suck it up and get wings plain with BBQ on the side. This then became a favorite for me. Club 400 wings are nice and cripsy and just dipping it in the sauce was fine by me. At that time Club 400 only had Hot, Mild and BBQ. So Thursdays I would get my triple cripple and my wings and be a happy kid.

My outings to Club 400 became sparse in the last 2 years because of a change in the layout of the group and so we began to get wings at Fox View. They have quite a few different flavors but still really crispy wings. I get Terriyaki there and I have to say it beats the BW3's sauce for taste. (I have only had boneless or "naked" wings at BW3's). I have heard that the hot sauce is inconsistent in its heat, but never fails to impress for just a hot. They don't have a blazin' or anything like that and for $.25 a wing, I'll enjoy it and not argue. Plus the drinks are cheap and flowing well all the time.

In an attempt to try other wings in Waukesha, the liquor store went out the RJ's (old Tallinger's) for wings one night. They too have limited flavors so I got BBQ on the side and just started with wings. A major disappointment was that the wings took forever to be made for us. My friends enjoyed them and they were bigger than Fox's and club's wings but the length of time it took to make them when the restaurant was not busy nor was the bar was really a negative for us.

Last night, my friend Nick and I tried Master Z's wings. $.30 and a minimum of 5 or 6, but any increment after that I'm pretty sure. They have quite a selection of flavors and I was majorly impressed. I ordered 15 terriyaki and definitely could have gotten by with just 10. The wings were gigantic and juicy and the sauce was excellent. It wasn't overly salty like Terriyaki can be, it was just the right amount to not overpower the chicken. Nick got some of the Hotaryaki (hot and terriyaki) and he said the flavors really worked together well and he enjoyed those. And well with Nick being the spicy food connoisseur, he had to try the "Sphincter Shrinker" wings. He was definitely impressed with the heat they put off and would not have a ton of them, but he enjoyed them. I think I will definitely go back with my wingy friends and enjoy some more of the greatness that Master Z's has to offer. I hear their pizza is great too.

So I think next on my list is to try Radz's down on West and Sunset. He was written up in the paper, so I guess I'll have to see if I agree!!

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