Monday, January 25, 2010

Fish Fry Friday

In Wisconsin, what else do people get for dinner on a Friday but a fish fry. My parents have become quite adventurous with their fish fry Fridays and instead of just doing Blue Heron in Big Bend, they have ventured to Diamond Jim's, Bushy's and a few spots on the south side of Milwaukee. Well I lured them into Waukesha this week and suggested we try Redstone Pub & Grill (the old Ray's). My parents loved Ray's and I told them that this food was better already because of the amazing seafood I had already tempted my taste buds on, so we went on Friday.

**I know that I should not be comparing Ray's to Redstone because there is no relationship between the two, but my parents like trying new places and liked the ambiance of Ray's so I figured they would like Redstone.

We walked in the place around 6:30 on Friday and it was packed. There was a huge party of 12 in the back and a party of 6 up front. We were told a 45 minute wait and decided to go for it and put our names on the list and headed for the bar. Even the bar was extremely crowded and we had to wait for seats there. The party of 12 made it hard to get to the bar area, but right when I ordered the two patrons on the end seats got their table so we squeezed in and talked about our week and caught up for about a half hour. The hostess kept us updated as to our position on the list (which I appreciate) and my mom got to watch the bartenders make all kinds of fun drinks -- bloody marys, hurricanes, cosmo's, etc. etc. My dad was reading all the beers in their beer cooler and asking me about them (thank goodness for my liquor knowledge)

We got a table only about a half hour later and got sat in the same booth I get almost everytime I'm there. The waitress immediately came over and got our drink order, which shocked me with how busy the place seemed still. She got my parents drinks and took our order promptly. And dinner actually came out of the kitchen reasonably fast too considering the large parties that were sat before us.

My dad and I both had the lake perch (3 pieces I think?)that was lightly battered with a decent amount of flavor and then fried. It was served with french fries, coleslaw and marble rye bread with butter. My fries were a bit on the salty side and I realized I should have seen if I could have upgraded to their sweet potato fries (they taste like funnel cake!!) The coleslaw was definitely made on premise and very flavorful...not overly vinegary. And you can't go wrong with marble rye with soft butter spread on it. My dad finished his plate completely and helped my mom with her tilapia (A very generous portion). It was sauteed with a light breading on it and served with linguine and fresh cooked green beans. My mom said she was in heaven it was soooo good.

We didn't save room for dessert and by the time we left a band came in to set up for that evenings late night entertainment. I was ready to move onto the Nice Ash to meet up with friends, so I parted ways with my parents, but they definitely said they would return to Redstone again. Food was very reasonably priced (10.99 for the perch and 11.99 for the tilapia) I will be returning as well!!!!

Nice Ash was a fun time as always - a really great female singer was performing (didn't catch her name) Tried Samuel Adams Winter Beer and it was very very tasty. I like it better than 2 Below from New Belgium.

PS - I did meet a Bodway while at Nice Ash that said they are looking at 60 - 90 days out for the restaurant part to be open. (Maple & Main) I dunno - doesn't look like the building has changed much in the last few months. 60 - 90 out from Friday would take us to end of March or end of April. We shall see. I told the guy that I'm expecting something great because of how long they have worked on it. He also told me a few secrets about downtown that I am excited for as well. Keep reading for more!!!

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  1. Haaaa! Bodways opening the restaurant part by March or April? Weren't they trying to be open by the Harley 105th? What was a year and a half ago?

    I have been eagerly anticipating the opening of Bodways but until its actually open and serving food and drinks, I'm not believing anything they say. I wonder what will come first, the Les Paul exhibit or Bodways?

    BTW - Keep up the awesome work with your blog. I love reading other people's takes on the the Waukesha dining scene.