Monday, December 21, 2009

Carriage Rides and Seasonal Decorations

I haven't had a chance to walk through all of downtown yet at night and see all the beautiful decorations, but I have to say that what I have seen is just beautiful. With the snow on the ground and holiday lights in almost every business window, its hard to imagine that just a few years ago, downtown Waukesha was not the destination it is now. I do have to say that the holiday tree was pretty small this year and wish that someone would have donated one to help out the city in having a better tree. The one in front of the rotunda was just gorgeous tho!

My mom came to pick me up to do some xmas shopping on Saturday and she was stopped in downtown to allow the carriage ride pass thru. Yes carriage rides and from what I have read, they are very reasonable. What a great way to see the city and have some holiday fun as well. Maybe I will take one before they are done for the season.

I have not read about any after Christmas sales yet in downtown, but I'm thinking that I will venture out and see what everyone has to offer! And maybe venture into some new places I have never been into before. (More stuff to blog about then).

Merry Christmas everyone - may the joy of the season be with you today and always!

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