Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cafe de Arts

So today when I woke up, I could just tell it was going to be a super cold day - not to mention told me last night that it wasn't going to get above 10 and then with wind chill it could fall into the negatives! So when lunch time came around, I wanted to get something yummy and warm in my tummy. And seeing as I walk to work, I needed it to be close so I didn't freeze trying to get to the food. (And even though Walgreens has a great selection right next door, its one of those days that you just want something homemade.

My coworkers have been getting coffee from Cafe de Arts, located on the corner of St. Paul Ave & Brook Street (Across from Waukesha State Bank in downtown), which also puts it right behind my work. I had yet to venture in. So I looked up their menu and saw they had panini sandwiches. So I bundled up like I was heading to Antarctica and headed on my way.

I was pleasantly surprised upon my entering of how warm and inviting the place was. Warm hues of yellow and red paint cover the walls and the smell of soup and coffee lingers in the air - not overpowering though. Walls have been taken down to make room for more seating compared to the last coffee shop that was there. And for a very chilly day, every table in the place was taken. (This was a very good sign for me)

I decided on the Ham and Cheese panini sandwich and as a treat I got myself a chai tea latte! The sandwich was excellent. I am not one for tomatoes in the whole form - dice it or turn it into ketchup or spaghetti sauce and I can't get enough, but whole slices on a sandwich typically get taken off. Well not today. The combination of the brown sugar ham, melted cheddar and the tomatoes, with just a hint of balsamic vinegar made this sandwich very enjoyable for my palate. The sandwich comes with chips and a pickle and is definitely satisfying without over stuffing yourself. I'll save the chips for later this afternoon.

As for the chai - I don't think I have ever gotten bad chai - It is what it is and I like it all the time. Warms me up and gives me a little energy boost too!

If you are a coffee fan, you should try their coffees, my coworkers get one almost everyday so it must be good. And I believe he is extremely reasonably priced. He actually roasts his own beans right there and you can buy them bulk too! (Xmas ideas for the coffee fan in the family????)

I'm glad I made the effort to venture out and not just pop something in the microwave. Now its time to get back to work (Chai in front of me) and get busy!!

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