Monday, November 16, 2009

The "New" Nice Ash

Friday evening in downtown Waukesha with mild temperatures - what else is there to do, but stroll the streets and check out what's going on, grab a bite to eat and a drink. Tiffany and I ventured through all of downtown before, of course, deciding on Casa del Rio for dinner. I decided on the Seafood Enchiladas and I was so happy that I did. It was absolutely amazing! Crab meat and shrimp were chopped up and seasoned with just the right amount of spice and then rolled into flour tortillas, covered with red sauce and of course queso! (lots and lots of queso) I would highly recommend this dish at Casa. Tiffany got a combination platter and seeing as she was part of the clean plate club, I'm assuming hers was just as delicious.

My only complaint (and I don't know if I just haven't had an original margarita in a while or what) but my Margarita just didn't hit the spot for me. It was really salty and I'm not just talking about what was on the glass rim. The salt overpowered the lime and sugar taste of it. After I finished it, I then ordered a Bacardi Dragon Berry (strawberry) and Lemonade and that was sooooo delicious. It would be the perfect summer drink because it tastes exactly like strawberry lemonade (scary exactly and dangerously exactly!!) I will definitely keep that in mind for next summer!

After dinner we strolled back in the direction of our apartment and looked at what bars were the hot spots that night. Neighbors had a really loud band and only a handful of customers so we passed and headed to Nice Ash.

They opened up the addition side while renovating the other side and my-oh-my was I impressed! The place looks so large compared to when it was a celtic store with dragons and fairies in the windows. The bar is definitely the focal point of the place being a huge square with a little circular pod on each corner. The granite top is gorgeous and compliments the copper kick plates very well. The liquor display up the middle of the bar is quite the spectacle being lit with color-changing LED lights under the bottles and is a three-tier pyramid completely full with whatever your heart desires. All taps are just $5 and they feature quite a few tap beers now.

There was a huge TV on the side wall and one in the back that I could see from where I. The front area of the bar featured the signature comfortable leather chairs facing the band playing great 90s and older hits. The new side also has brand new bathrooms that are very nice!

Once the wall is taken down in between the old bar and new, this place is going to be absolutely "the place" to go in Waukesha. Not to mention it is going to be gigantic. The "Ash Hole" is staying and of course the walk-in Humidor but I don't even know what they are going to do with all the extra space! I'm sure they will think of something!

This Friday is the unveiling of the entire bar and I'm planning on going there to take it all in. I do wish Walt would have been able to see what has become of his favorite bar, but I'm sure he is looking down from above, cigar in hand and watching over all of us! I'll save you a stool Walt!

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  1. Hello! I just started reading your blog, I work in downtown Waukesha so I find your reviews very helpful :) I just started a blog as well. I love seafood enchilades and it's good to know Casa has good ones since La Estacion doesn't have them :)