Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cheap Eats Restaurant Reviews

I occasionally get the opportunity to read the Milwaukee Magazine at work (I should really make it more mandatory for my PR jobs, but I rarely find it floating around here and find time to read it). Anyways, the cover story of the November 2009 edition is Cheap Eats by Ann Christenson, which totally intrigued me being the frugal food lover that I am. So I paged through the entire magazine and when I got to the story, I was amazed to find that not only did it have Cheap Eats in Milwaukee, but it also listed Waukesha and other outlying city hot "cheap" spots. I will post a few below of places that I have eaten. The entire article is available in the issue that is on sale now.

Let's start with the places that I have eaten at that made the list:

Real Chili - sure its in Milwaukee, but its a must-eat if you haven't yet. Located between Water Street and Cathedral Square on Wells, this place is great anytime of day. I had the mild with cheese and sour cream the last time I was there and with it only being $5 a bowl, it sure fills you up and satisfies you!

Tutto - I stumbled across this place with my friend Deana last summer looking for a quick snack after visiting the Milwaukee Museum's Body World exhibit. We sat in a huge booth - probably could have crammed 8 in there and we had our own TV to watch sports on. We ordered two appetizers (crab cakes and something else) and were completely blown away with how amazing the food was as well as the presentation. This place is located on Old World 3rd St. just south of Buckheads and Mader's. www.TuttoMilwaukee.com

The Rochester Deli - I have blogged about this place before, but I don't think I can give it nearly enough acclaim. This place is straight up city deli with awesome sandwiches, fresh salads, soups and amazing desserts all made by the owner himself. You must try a peanut butter/chocolate dipped cookie. Heck, share it if you can because it's a very large cookie, but definitely worth every bite. I have tried their cold sandwiches and hot ones and haven't come across any I haven't liked. They are "Home of the Best Reuben" and time after time I keep saying I'm going to get one, but I have yet to - maybe this upcoming March for St. Patty's day I will. The Friday fish sandwich is definitely something that can only come out of a Wisconsin Deli!

Oakland Gyros - I have been to both locations - UWM and Layton by the Airport - and the gyros are sooooo good. Well not that I have ever had a bad gyro, but sometimes the seasoning is just better than others! I even took my grandma here and she enjoyed herself. You can never have too much cucumber sauce and Oakland Gyros definitely supplies you with plenty!

Those are the ones that I have been too - now onto those in my area that I will be going to soon!!!

Jake's - I have heard people talk about this supper club before in Pewaukee, but haven't found an opportunity to go. Reading their dinner specials has made my mouth crave a nice steak. That will be a good treat once I am done with all this root canal work! www.Jakes-Restaurant.com

Pat's Rib Place - Located in what used to be a Subway on Sunset Ave & East Ave. Pat's has made a name for itself in serving up great wings and ribs. I have heard many compliments on it and have yet to go in there. I just have to be in the mood for ribs, which for me isn't that often because of the mess, but maybe, just maybe I'll venture there soon!

Haute Taco - Located on Capitol Drive in Brookfield, again I have heard all great reviews of this place. In a county that has many different Mexican style restaurants, its hard to try them all and not just stick to your favorites, but now knowing they were written up for Cheap Eats, I might just have to try it out.

Bombay Sweets - I have never had Indian food and for an Indian restaurant to make it in Brookfield, it has to be worth checking out. They also have a location on 13th street in Milwaukee.

Eric's Porter-Haus - This place has been located on Wisconsin Ave. in downtown Waukesha for as long as I can remember and yet, I have never gone in. I see coupons and specials for it in the paper often and again still haven't gone in. Well their new "stimulus" specials may have just peaked my curiosity and again once my mouth is able to chew up a steak, I'm there.

Of course there are many other restaurants that didn't make the list and many more that should have, but a magazine can only write so much. That's what I'm here for - to share my love of food and the fun of Waukesha with you!!!


  1. Hi, love your blog! Bombay Sweets in Brookfield is closed down now, though. I just drove by there the other night and was very sad not to be able to get my cheap, fast, delicious indian food. There's a sign in the window that says a new indian restaurant will be opening soon--hopefully it's just as good!

  2. Pats is awesome even if you don't want ribs. The catfish dinner is out of this world. Actually you shouldn't worry about the ribs being messy at pats because they come without sauce on them so you can add your own from their selection of great homemade sauces. Give em a try!

    Also Haute Taco is spectacular.