Monday, October 26, 2009

Sumthin's a Brewin'

There is a double meaning to my headline: 1) Halloween is this Saturday and I'm excited to dress up and have fun in downtown Waukesha with my friends. It's fun to see all the costumes and its not as crazy as Madison but still a fun time. 2) The weather has definitely changed to fall/winter (we already had snow), so its time to get the slow cooker going and make some yummy treats! I didn't use it as much as I would have liked this year and since I found a small one for only $8, I can prepare half sized meals for when I'm living solo! Oh of course I'll still make meals for armies like I always do and have everyone over to enjoy, but I just have to get into the mood to do it.

I move this Sunday (hopefully!!) and I am going to be able to organize a kitchen that is functional and to my exact standards. Living with a roomie changed things a bit in this because it was set up to both our standards and I know I would have put certain things in other spots than where they were and vice versa. But now I start with a blank slate and and I'm ready to make it my own. I'm sooooo excited, but not looking forward to all the work. Then it will be time for a shopping venture so I can stock up on all things crock-pot! Chili , lasagna, pork tenderloin!!!! I can hardly wait! I definitely want to have a chili party (stole idea from Ellie!!!). And for those that don't like chili, well there will be something else for you to enjoy!

Onto Halloween, I don't know where we will all go in downtown because they aren't having the trolley this year, we will have to stay right in downtown, but I know we will have fun. We always do. OOOO and I found a job listing on Craigslist for a new "upscale bar and grill" planning to open up in downtown the first weeks of Nov. '09. I'm assuming this is taking over Ray's because nothing else has changed into a restaurant lately that I know of (and you all know I know Waukesha very well). I'm excited to have a new perspective of downtown and maybe venture to different places soon. Nice Ash will be opening the addition soon and I can't wait to see that. I have heard all good so far.

I'm dressing as "Captain's Treasure" this year - which is basically a sexy pirate. How fitting seeing as I popped a blood vessel in my eye and I now can wear my eye patch on it so I don't scare too many people. My friends are going as Dorothy (from Oz), Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, Thomas the Train (Sebastian is 3 so it's fine), and Rosie the Riveter/Eskimo/or one other??? (costumer TBA). What are you dressing up as? Any big plans for the ghoulish night??

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