Monday, September 28, 2009

Taylor's & Pre-Bday Specials!

I guess I really can't rave about this place enough, but Taylor's People's Park was where I heading with friends last Wednesday for a quick bite to eat after work. The atmosphere is fun, lively and not too noisy and the ever-changing wall art is surprise everytime. Currently, they are displaying some sort of Adam and Eve work on the walls that use jar lids as elbow and knee joints. I don't venture much out of the box at Taylor's because what I love there is so amazing, I have yet to find something to trump it. I always order the potstickers. You get 5 perfectly crisp pork-filled potstickers over some fancy lettuce with a Wasabi, Soy & Ginger Sauce. I have yet to be disappointed in this and would recommend it to anyone. The potstickers that they had on the menu at 5Gen when it first opened were good but more like flat eggrolls than potstickers.

My friend Jacob ordered the hot wings and I was actually quite surprised with the size of the wings. There was plenty of meat on them that he was only able to finish 1/2 his order. The hot didn't seem too hot from what I tasted, but there is something about that sauce that my palette just doens't like. Tiffany ordered the classic chicken breast sandwich that looked like the size of a Kopp's sandwich and she said it was delicious.

After our light snack we ventured for a walk around downtown Waukesha quickly and when we got to Divino Gelato, I just had to stop in for a treat. I ordered a small 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 mixed bery - can you say - berrydreamcicle!!! It was so delicious and hit the spot.

I'm a sucker for signing up for restaurant clubs and one perk is receiving emails with special treats in them for your bday. With my bday coming up next Monday, I have already received 8 offers that include things like free dessert or $10 off $25. I'm getting excited and I'm going to start hitting up my friends for dinner companions soon to take advantage. Then I will have a lot more to blog about!!!!

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