Friday, August 14, 2009

Night out with Mom

Last Saturday, my mom and I did something that we haven't done together in a long time -- went to a play and dinner! It was a wonderful time. About two weeks ago, for some reason that I still don't know exactly, I got the inkling to go to a play at the Waukesha Civic Theater. So I looked up the website and it just so happened that Seussical the Musical was going to be performing for 2 weeks. I immediately called my mom and asked if she wanted to join, which of course she said yes. I told her to plan to make a night of it and after the performance, we would go to dinner in downtown Waukesha somewhere. My mom is always up for that kind of fun.

So Saturday at 4 we went to see the musical, which was very cute and I even had crowd interaction twice! Yes, I had the lucky chair I guess and twice during the performance the actors touched me or sat in my lap! I found it really really funny. The play lasted just under two hours and by that point, we were definitely hungry for something, but we weren't sure what. Although it was rather warm out on Saturday (and humid) we still decided to venture downtown and find something to eat.

Right down from the theater is Generations at 5 Points (, a tapas restaurant. Tapas is small plate dining, not necessarily appetizers, but you could order up numerous items and share with friends. I guess I call it "perfect size dining" -- you don't walk away overly stuffed if you clear your plate, unlike an applebees or TGI Fridays size portion. I had been there once before and was curious as to their new menu items since my last visit. (The menu is changed up frequently so the chef can show off his culinary skills). I decided on shrimp and avocado purses, which had chopped up shrimp and avocado inside a wonton wrapper that was twisted shut on top to look like a little bad. I had three of these on my plate with watermelon-tomato salsa in the middle and a balsalmic reduction swirled around it all. The sweet and salt of the salsa and reduction worked perfectly with the purses and I enjoyed it all. My mom ordered the seared salmon and it was definitely one of the best pieces of salmon I have ever had. It had perfect color and was just flaky enough to break off pieces to share. It was served over pea pods and red peppers. I'm not exactly sure of the sauce that was on her plate, but I honestly didn't think it even needed it because it was amazing.

Of course we ordered beverages too, because not only is their food amazing, the drinks aren't too shabby either. They have an extensive wine list that you can order by the bottle or glass and many specialty martini's and cocktails. My mom got a glass of Echelon Pinot Noir that complimented her salmon well. I decided to go with something more unique and ordered the X Rated Fusion Martini. I believe it was X-Rated liquor, raspberry vodka and a splash of champagne because it was frothy on top. Definitely delicious and definitely could sneak up on you without you realizing it.

After dinner we wandered around town and looked at a few shops. My friend just opened Kindred Gifts, but unfortunately wasn't still open when we walked by. We then went by Sloppy Joe's Shake Shop and they were doing tons of business on a warm day. We eventually walked down to Divino Gelato ( to enjoy a sweet treat for dessert. I chose chocolate and mango gelato (per Dave at my job suggesting that fruit and chocolate gelato compliment each other wonderfully) and my mom got Almond Joy and pistacio. The pistachio was really flavorful but I didn't try the Almond Joy because I'm not a coconut fan. It was quite a popular place as well and they even had ladder golf outside so people could win t-shirts and other fun prizes. The owner took my mom and my picture for their website (so now I'm famous). It was a great way to end the night.

So my ventures around Waukesha are really exciting me - if you are curious about a place and want me to try it first, I'm all about it - so give me your suggestions and I'll see what I can do. Until then - happy eating!!!!

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