Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Need some time to CHILL!

Hi Everyone,

Yes it has been a while since I blogged, but I have been super busy with bday parties and getting into summer that I just haven't had time. This will be a shorter entry(maybe) but I just wanted to let you know the places I have been in the last few weeks.

I have stopped into Chill Wine Bar in downtown Waukesha a few times and enjoyed the company of my roommate while trying some great martini's. I like the Barney Martini and the Cherry Squirt, but I also have asked the bartender to experiment and he made a pineapple-y/melon/tropical martini for me and it was delish. My roommate likes them a little stronger so I challenged her to the Gobstopper martini, which has every flavor of the pinnacle vodkas in it (probably over 8 flavors), some grenadine, apple syrup and a cherry of course. On Saturday nights, the bartender and his girlfriend jam out. Definitely stop by. It is located on Gaspar street, between South and Main, near Martha Merrils Bookstore.

Secondly, I went to downtown Milwaukee for my friend Amy's bday. We started with dinner at Water Buffalo (corner of Water & Buffalo!) and as always, the food was amazing. I got the shrimp stuffed shells that I just love there. The addition of the pine nuts in the ricotta cheese just makes them so dang tasty. I did get to try the braised ribs that my boss ordered and the meat just melted in my mouth. Definitely something to keep in mind for next time! Everyone's meals looked amazing including the chicken sandwiches, burgers and half chicken meal that I saw. No one complained about anything so I believe everyone enjoyed it as much as me.

After dinner we traveled to Milwaukee Ale House. I have never been inside of there before and have only heard great things, so I was pretty excited. However, for a Thursday night, it was really, really dead. I would say maybe 20 people in the whole place! Karaoke was going on but after the first 3 people went up and sang like they were in the top 8 of American Idol, we decided not to sing at all because it would only horribly embarrass us. So we finished our drinks and moved on. Oh yeah, I tried an Ale House specialty beer called something like Milwaukee Night Lights and it was great. On the lines of a Honeyweiss, but a little heavier.

We then finished the night at Buckhead Saloon. Two complaints (and maybe this is just because I'm getting older) One, on ladies night, there should not be a bikini contest with a bunch of drunk girls loosing their tops and trying to dance. I understand you want men to come in on ladies night, but this took away from our dance floor and that made us sad. Two, do you really need to have beer pong at bars? Can't we keep this as an at home kinda thing. It too takes up a lot of space that could have been used for dancing and more, but walking around the tables and the slippery floor was not fun. I do like the mini patio in the back to get fresh air. All in all, we did have the most fun there and danced later in the night when the contest was done. I have my fill of Milwaukee bars for a bit, unless I'm going to a club or lounge type place, or someone else is paying. Anyone willing?

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  1. We went to Chill this past Saturday and to our chagrin, the gobstopper making bartender is gone. The new guy tried but was not able to replicate it as it was :( What a loss......