Monday, June 22, 2009

Five Points gets more Food!

I'm so unbelievably thrilled. This eye-sore has bugged me in Waukesha since I started at Image Makers. For those of you familiar with downtown Waukesha and the Five Points, there was an ice cream shop on one of the points, that was never opened, had horribly faded signage and didn't look appealing for a cute corner hot dog/ice cream stand. I emailed a fellow Waukesha blogger and he explained that the owner made their own hours and that was why it was never open, AND that if I really wanted to make the place into something great to help downtown Waukesha, that I should buy it.

Well of course I don't have the funding to open an ice cream parlor, but the thought is still in my mind for something I would love to do later in life. But I kept walking by the place hoping for change, or for me to win the lottery or something to help the owner out and make it the profitable place it could be.

Well to my amazement, I saw an article on today stating a Sloppy Joe diner is coming to downtown! So of course I have to read the article, and much to my surprise, the ice cream parlor sold to the owners of Divino Gelato and its only a matter of time until its another wonderful place. (If you haven't been to Divino Gelato yet, you must - Just west of the intersection of Main Street and Barstow, on Main - in downtown Waukesha!)

So read the article below and I will of course review the place once open!!!!

By Darryl Enriquez of the Journal Sentinel

Miss Kim's, the seldom-open diner that forever occupied a prime corner on the Five Points, is gone.

Joe and Lois Lester, owners of the popular Divino Gelato Cafe on W. Main St., are opening a restaurant within a couple of weeks that will feature sloppy Joe's, real ice cream, a soda fountain and hot dogs.

Over the weekend, the Lesters began interior clean up and scrapped off the painted signs that Miss Kim had on the windows.

Miss Kim is okay. She just decided to let go of the business, Joe Lester said.

The name of the place, at this point, is Sloppy Joe's Featuring the Pink Poodle. Lois Lester said the place will have a 1950s feel to it and some of the staff will wear poodle skirts, which she is having made.

The new diner will be kitty-corner the posh Black Trumpet Restaurant.


  1. Aww, we used to go there when we were kids...Their blue moon ice cream was excellent...But I'm glad their making it into something nice again...It was a pretty dilapidated place...

  2. It's nice to see this area being revitalized. Will look forward to your review!