Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's Day Brunch

Word to the wise, if you want to make reservations for a brunch for Mother's Day - Plan at least three weeks in advance. My brother and I were not quite that quick and decided that instead of cramming Mom, Dad, Granny and us in a booth at 1:30 (not really brunch anymore), that him and I would cook it all. And I have to say, it turned out quite amazing.

I have no pictures for proof of this miracle that took place, but I will let you know what we all made. I made the famous "Zubarik Party Potatoes" first because they bake for a little over an hour. Its cream of celery soup, cream of potato soup, milk, sour cream, melted butter and hash browns (cubed variety, not shredded). Mix it all up and in an hour and 20 minutes you have the best potatoes ever! (in my opinion!)

Then I made the muffins - lemon poppy seed and blueberry - thanks to Betty Crocker's just add water varieties - Quick and easy when you are pressed for cooking time. Besides the fruit salad, the remainder of the food was stove top preparation. Scrambled eggs, ham steaks, bacon, and cinnamon french toast. Everything turned out great, no fighting between my brother and I, no one got burnt (just a little bacon grease spatterings).

Mimosa's were poured and enjoyed by all, and of course we had pecan kringle and cream cheese coffee cake for dessert. I have to say, I'm extremely surprised at how flawlessly everything went. Mom was extremely happy, along with grandma. I think for Father's day we are going to grill out! That's easier preparation - pasta salad and potato salad can be made in advance without getting soggy or dried out! And my mom is a grilling whiz! I hope I pick up some of her skills so I can grill as well someday. I'm good with burgers and brats, steaks I'm ok, but I need to work on my chicken skills - I seem to always burn it! Until next time - happy eating!

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