Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Popcorn and Fish Frys

Only 32 days to go on my Lenten Journey, but I have had some set backs already and I think I was a little too ambitious on making so many rules. Here's the rundown and status update:

Fast Food - don't even want it - I think of how bad it is for me and immediately think of something else to have instead!

Being Lazy - I have been making a conscious effort to get in more workouts, however I'm not happy with the results and know I need to step it up. Bethesda Park is already flooded for the year, so I have to find another walking path!

Sweets and Mtn. Dew cutting back - This is the one that I'm struggling with the most. I had a Mt. Dew the first week of Lent and forced myself to work extra hard at the gym the next day to work it all off. I have only had one since (the one I'm currently enjoying) but other sweets I have cut back on. (I will admit I bought a donut, but by the time I tried to eat it, all the frosting was stuck to the bag and I threw it out!)

Potato Chips - I haven't had a chip since Lent began, but I have found popcorn to be a good replacement - in the 99.4% fat free kind. However, Poppin on Broadway keeps calling my name and I have bought a few gourmet bags that I know can't be good for me! I have shared them tho and they are small bags.

Spending Frivolously - I have actually started writing things back down in my checkbook and I have realized I should not keep cash on hand because I will spend it. I hope that in the next 32 days, I can make decent progress and get myself in a positive savings direction again.

So that's the update - now to the food. I already mentioned Poppin' On Broadway, but I have to give Kathy mad props for her amazing flavor combinations and awesome selection. If you want a flavor, I bet she can make it. My favorite is the Broadway blend which is butter, cheese and caramel corn all mixed together. She had me sample her caramel covered cheese corn and its heaven. She does all sorts of flavored coatings and then seasonings too. I bought a parmesan garlic bag of popcorn and that was great as well. My aunt and uncle received a cocoa popcorn with m&ms and a vanilla almond one which they loved. I will be sending them more of those throughout the year! I enjoy going to Kathy's shop and hope that she makes it, but I have to realize its a treat and not something I can indulge in every week!

And of course, Tiffany and I enjoyed another fish fry being Friday in Lent! Only Wisconsin knows how to combine our love of fried food and beer so well! We started with a cocktail at Chill again and the bartender was finishing his dinner, which was the fish fry from Daddy-Oh's. Being from Illinois, he hasn't had many fish frys but said Daddy-Oh's was his fave. He made Tiffany a very interesting Berry Martini with cool syrup drizzled in the glass. I opted for the Barney martini with Blue Curacao and Grape Vodka. It was definitely purple. Tiffany got a second martini while we still decided where to go and this time it was Melon infused. We were very satisfied with our martini's and watched the place fill up really quickly around 7 pm. The bartender even jammed for us on his guitar for a bit, being it his last Friday night.

So after all that, we decided to try Daddy-Oh's. I have walked by on my lunch many times and seen the place quite crowded but I hadn't heard much about it. Its kind of like a diner and family restaurant in one. It has booths up front, a counter with swivel chairs and tables for 4 in the back. We chose a booth up front and started checking out the menu right away. The menu said right on it that it had an award winning fish fry, so I was psyched! We each got a fish fry - mine with potato pancakes of course and Tiffany got a baked potato. She ordered a side salad and I got the clam chowder. Then of course we treated ourselves and got the mozzarella sticks and a Peroni each to enjoy.

And now the critique: The mozzarella sticks were beer battered and wonderful. About 2 inches long, they were the perfect size appetizer. My soup was pretty good but I burnt my tongue on the first bite. Tiff's salad looked wonderful and the croutons were warm, fresh and buttery! The beers were good, but unfortunately they expired in the middle of '06. When I brought it to the waiters attention he asked if we wanted something different which we declined but suggested he not serve anymore Peroni's that are almost 3 years out of date. (The gentleman at the table behind us ordered a Peroni and the server still served it to him, with us right there still! I guess he didn't really care.)

The fish came shortly there after with swirled rye bread, coleslaw and 3 decent sized pieces of fish. The coleslaw was a little bland and I added a lot of pepper to it. The rye bread looked so pretty on the table, but I rarely ever eat it because I get so full on the fish. The fish was pretty good, piping hot is how I like it and with a little squirt of lemon over it. I did use some tartar which just tasted like typical tartar to me. The potato pancakes were the kind that would have been better served with sour cream than applesauce. They had a lot of green flakes in them which I figured out to be a whole mess of herbs and chives. They were definitely unlike any potato cakes I have had before and I'm not sure if I would get them again. Tiffany's baked potato was perfect she said with just enough sour cream and butter available on the side.

We will probably go back to the restaurant and maybe have the fry again, but their sandwiches sounded really great too, so I'm curious to try some other things. For $40, we received two gigantic fish frys, a cup of soup, a dinner salad, an appetizer and 3 beers. Not too bad. I wasn't able to finish my fish fry and brought a full piece home and we brought home one mozz stick too!

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