Friday, March 20, 2009

Generations at 5 Points

I tried another great place in Waukesha yesterday with my friend Ericka. Generations at 5 Points is located (as the name states) right on the 5 points of Waukesha. Where Grand, South, Main and Broadway intersect to make the crazy intersetion in downtown. It is located on Main Street just east of the intersection and the place was definitely overdue in Waukesha. I would classify it as a lounge with nice low seating in front, bar tops in the middle and tables in the back. The lighting in the place was all a soft blue hue which was calming and inviting.

Now onto the drinks and food. The wine list was expansive and definitely had a great variety for decent prices. You can get it by the glass or the bottle. Then there were two pages of martini's and we each found one we liked. Mine was named "Bedroom Eyes" and had Midori, X-rated, Red Bull and a splash of Sprite. It was delicious - very fruity and a funky green color. Ericka ordered a Sapphire L'Orange martini which had Bombay Sapphire Gin, Grey Goose L'Orange Vodka and a splash of seltzer (comes with tonic, Ericka asked for seltzer instead) It was served with a blood red orange on it and was pretty strong but tasty!

We had a hard time deciding on which tapas (small plate dining) to get because everything sounded so good. Our server let us know that the tapas change every month but the popular ones would stay on the menu. I ordered the chicken potstickers which were much different than most potstickers I have had in the past. Usually they are greasy little puffy shell things but these were flatter in what seemed to be an egg roll wrap. Three of them probably had the same amount of filling as 5 regular ones. They were served on top of bean sprouts and pea pods in a Thai peanut sauce. The sauce was absolutely amazing and not over oily. I am definitely a fan. They also had lamb potstickers that intrigued me. NEXT TIME!

Ericka ordered spicy calamari and for small plate dining there were plenty of calamari for both of us. They served both types of calamari - the rings and the mini octopus looking ones. I get a little grossed out when the legs are dangling in front of me, but I made it through and enjoyed. The calamari was definitely spicy but the marinara sauce (homemade I believe) helped tame the red pepper. I hate when calamari is overcooked and tastes like rubberbands, but these were done just right. Just enough breading to add the crunch and spice but not take away from the flavor of the calamari at all.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a light meal or just some drinks. Martinis were around $8 - $10 and the tapas we ordered were $7 & $9 - so for $40 we were happily satisfied. The staff was really friendly and inviting as well. I will definitely be returning and hopefully trying their baked french onion soup soon! - currently the link didn't work for me, but I hope its up and running again soon.

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