Friday, January 16, 2009

Holiday Yum Yums

Ok, I know I'm behind on blogging and unfortunately, I just wrote it and lovely blogger erased it all for me. So here is my second attempt.

Every year at Image Makers, we do a holiday potluck lunch and gift exchange. It gives us all a 2 hour break to eat and talk and relax compared to our hectic days here. A sign up sheet is put up around Thanksgiving and we just ask that we cover everything so as to have an enjoyable meal.

This year, I made Mandarin Chicken Almond bites. I will admit I found the recipe on the back of a box of triscuits, but with slight modifications I made it my own. Basically you chop up a cooked chicken breast (that I marinated with 7-up and syrup from the mandarin oranges), mandarin oranges, crasins and almonds. Gloop all that together with a very small amount of miracle whip, add a little pepper to taste and voila! Yumminess! Chill in the fridge for a few hours so the flavors spread throughout and then scoop onto Triscuits. It was a big hit at the party and I had to reveal my secret. Oh well.

Next, I will talk about Christmas Eve and the wonderful evening at my bro and sis-in-laws. Lyndsey spent a lot of time making a wondeful meal and it all paid off because there wasn't one thing that didn't turn out or that someone didn't like. Let's start with the appetizers. Hot spinach and artichoke dip always goes over big at any party and it was sooooo yummy. Next was a sweet yougurt dip for pretzels and apples. This was my mom's favorite. The yogurt wasn't too sweet that it overpowered the apples either. And the salt and sweet when on a pretzel was delish. Finally, I have to rave about her brie. Firstoff, I have never had brie and for this to be my first time, it definitely made me a fan of more cheese. She put the piece of brie inside a pastry shell with raisins, almonds and apricot preserves, then wrapped the pastry around it and cooked it int he oven. She served it with crackers, but I think the pastry was amazing in itself that I didn't need the crackers. I took this recipe from her and definitely want to try it out at my next party. Hopefully I will be having a wine tasting party at my house soon.

Lyndsey also made an amazing Wassail, which is a spiced hot drink to enjoy after dinner. My grandma took the rest home with her to share with her "lady friends." (I love how old people talk!)

And now onto the main course. The table set up alone was worthy of being in Milwaukee Home Magazine or something on those lines HGTV - it was gorgeous. The candle holders matched the plates that went with the goblets, it was beautiful (Insert photo from Dad here soon!). Dinner began with a sweet raspberry vinagrette salad. My grandma isn't a fan of lettuce and she enjoyed the salad a lot.

The ham was from Honey Baked Ham and it was delicious - juicy and pulled right away from the bone. There were also mashed potatoes, asparagus, buttered corn, biscuits and muffins. I might be missing something else but I hope not.

And of course we had dessert of pecan pie and warm apple crisp. The apple crisp cooked during dinner and so it was so enjoyable after the meal. And the best part of it all!!! My brother and Lyndsey were leaving for Omaha the next morning and my parents were heading to California in two days, so.....I GOT ALL THE LEFTOVERS! It was such a treat and tasted even better reheated! I was able to share the brie with my roommate and she is a fan now too!

Ok - I shall add pics when I get them and hopefully post about New Years and the restaurants I have gone to in the last few weeks soon. I'm catching up and I might even have more after tonight. And now I'm hungry, so I'm off to find food!

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