Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So today is my first blog posting. Yes, I too have decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon as a way for my friends and family to keep up-to-date with the on-goings of my life. I don't know how often I am going to update this or where the posts will take me, but I haven't seriously kept a journal, "diary" or any writings in a while and I miss it. I occassionally write poetry and hope to share some of this with you along my journey.

Currently I am living in Waukesha with an amazing roommate in a gorgeous apartment nearthe Fox River. Or I should more properly say, "on the Fox River." Saturday evening the Fox River exceeded its boundaries and took over Bethesda Park and our road in front of my apartment. It has flooded many other areas in Waukesha and we are still waiting for the waters to recede. The river crested yesterday at 8.8 feet, 6 feet is flood level, but we are in for some more heavy downpours tomorrow so it is inevitably going to go up. Besides the river issues, the apartment is nice - two bed, two bath end unit with a beautiful park view out the patio doors. We hope to have some cookouts this summer if the bugs don't chase us inside!

Waukesha is a pretty great city. It has a lot more to offer than most people want to give it credit for. There are galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants and much more. About a month ago, my roommate and I stumbled upon Chill Martini and Wine Bar. It's located at the back entrance to Daddy-Oh's restaurant. The place is small but decorated gorgeous and they have a decent wine selection. Currently, they are only open on Saturday evenings but they hope to expand and become a Thursday - Saturday operation. I definitely suggest checking it out because you will be surprised. Another place I recommend checking out is Neighbor's Social Club. Since the revamp, the bar is classy and the drinks are stiff. Those two top my list of nicer Waukesha establishments to go for a great drink and not be crowded around by stupid drunks.

I have also taken in an Art Crawl, All About Me Weekend, and Farmer's Market in downtown and the shops have some really great sales on their items that are one of a kind finds. I'm looking down to more weekends of the same.

So as I'm taking the time to find new places in Waukesha to try out, I am also trying to take the time to figure out what I am looking for in my life. Taking walks around the city gives me time to think about what I want and figure out other situations that I am dealing with. I'm doing my best to stay in contact with my classmates from as far back as grade school, but finding time is difficult to be able to meet up with everyone. With me working two jobs and everyone elses crazy schedule, I have a good number of friends that I feel I am neglecting. I hope they know that I am not neglecting them on purpose and in almost every free second I have, I am trying to make contact with someone. I'm on myspace and facebook trying to keep the mediums of communication open, but sometimes I feel that I fail at that. When I notice that someone is no longer my friend and I wonder why? For me, good friends are those that you know will be there for you thru anything and I am blessed to have so many good friends.

So I hope you enjoy reading this and listening to my reviews of great spots in Waukesha (and well probably Milwaukee too) and maybe give some advice about different situations that I am dealing with or ethical questions that come to me. I'll write again soon!

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  1. First of all, what an excellent way to start your blog...Maybe it's just you and me, but I love Waukesha, too...(Yes, I moved away to live on an island in the South Pacific, but I hella miss it)...I grew up there, and it's kinda a dream of mine to live in Downtown Waukesha and work at a nearby school or something...I have very many childhood memories of that place, and, yes, it may be filled with crack heads, but at least it's quaint...My favorite event?...The Harry Potter Festival they used to have every year...I love me some Waukesha Wizards...