Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Waxing Girl Studio

Up until three years ago, I never touched my eyebrows with anything more than an occasional tweeze to get rid of a few strays trying to create a unibrow on my face. But while getting my hair done, I was offered a  brow wax and shaping while my hair was all foiled up. I went for it and I'm glad I did.

I now understand what defined eyebrows can really do for a face. I didn't keep up on it with professional help and just tried to do my best at home. But again, they have gotten a bit wild!

I received an email from Waxing Girl Studio's owner who had found my blog and wondered if I was interested in checking her place out. I had been struggling to keep my unruly brows in the same shape and was needing to spend time penciling them in every day. If I didn't, I look like I don't have brows (see examples below) The hair on my head is now a natural dark brown (although I do dye it to add more red to it), but the brows, arm and leg hairs are still much lighter.

Where are my brows? 
Another example - looks like I'm brow-less! 
Pamela, the owner of Waxing Girl Studio, and I exchanged a few emails back and forth and I scheduled an appointment for brow shaping and a discussion of tinting them, though I was really nervous about that part.

Waxing Girl Studio is a brand new establishment in Hartland. The studio has two private waxing rooms in addition to the cute retail area. When I stopped in, she had officially only been open for six days but said things were going really well for her already!

Before opening Waxing Girl, Pamela and her husband had an antique shop and when Pamela decided she wanted to open this studio, she brought some of her best antique finds with her to make the shop one of a kind.
Check out this register! 

Love the chandelier!
So a bit more about my appointment, Pamela took me into the waxing room and laid me down flat on a massage table. She cleaned the brow area first and then asked me about tinting my brows. I said to go light on the color and it took all of like 10 seconds to dye them. And I am a big fan of how they turned out. Eyebrow coloring doesn't last as long as hair dye because eyebrows fall out quickly.

Then she shaped my brows. I don't mind my brows size on my face, but I just wanted them to be even and get rid of any randoms. Pamela is such a pro and knew exactly what to do for me. In about three minutes, she had my brows back to what a normal person should have.

She then rubbed cold stones on my brows to help with the redness and some Witch Hazel oil. She was going to put on Vitamin C, but I am allergic, so we just did the oil instead. And then she applied some powder to also cover any redness. I have to say this was the most calming experience for this Nervous Nelly and I will definitely go to her in the future for shaping and tinting.

Here is the direct aftermath of the brows and I am really liking them.
 One week later

 Still loving them.

From the website:
Pamela Reinemann Cosmetologist, and CIDESCO trained Esthetician. Pamela has been working in the esthetics field since 1999 and has been a cosmetologist since 1990 in California and since 1999 in Wisconsin.

From further discussion with her at the shop, waxing is something that Pamela truly enjoys and considers herself an excellent 'Brazillian waxer.' Personally I don't think I'm ready to go there, but I know of other friends that have had that done and it can be hard to find someone that does it well. So I will recommend her to all of you for any of your waxing needs. She provides to both female and male clientele. 

Waxing Girl Studio provided me the services free of charge. Although it was free, the review is my own honest opinion of the experience. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 3

I had a little numbering issue and double numbered one day - but I'm back on track now. Here is Week 2 and Week 1 

Day 16: 
Took in the sites from Lapham and we were hoping for more pops of color but just a few so far. Sun is setting earlier, making the narrow wooded trails hard to see, but we pushed ourselves harder than ever before and conquered some amazing hills. It felt great.  

Day 17: 
Had a weeknight girls night and got to sip wine from some fancy glasses while catching up on life.  

Day 18: 
Currently I'm reading Book 2 in a YA series. This is called The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. It's a light easy read and I'm glad that I am taking time each night for books. 

Day 19:
 I love having friends over to watch Packer games. I hosted a baked potato bar and it was a as huge of a hit as some of those the Packers were laying down on the Vikings. Never a doubt they would pull out this win, but never thought the spread would be so large! 

Day 20: 
When I have no other plans or just want a night in, watching Netflix has become the norm. Currently watching the Prison Break series with the occasional retro Disney movie thrown in. 

Day 21: 
 My friends surprised me with a birthday cake at a get-together and they all sang and almost lit the house on fire with all those candles! But I love them and thank them so much for their friendship! 

Day: 22
I cannot thank everyone enough for the calls, texts and messages wishing me a happy birthday. I feel so blessed to have so many people in my life and had such a wonderful day!   ‪#‎100happydays‬ ‪#‎day22‬

It was my birthday and I couldn't find the perfect photo to capture all the elements of the day - so I just thanked everyone for their love! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Football Party on a Budget

My friends and I love to get together to support our teams (Brewers, Packers & Badgers) with tailgates and parties. Its easy to tailgate before a Brewer game because tickets are reasonable and the team plays locally. Badger & Packer tickets are not as easy to come by because all games are sold out (Packers are sold out for my entire lifetime!) so you have to buy online at inflated prices and the stadiums are hours away.

For the first Packers game of the season, my friends hosted a get-together at their house and did a taco night and asked everyone to bring something to go with the tacos.  I decided to make my friend's salsa that I had had the weekend prior. I toned down the spice quite a bit in my version but everyone really liked it because it's so fresh! (Find the recipe at the bottom of this posting.)

Other sides included this cucumber tomato salad and puppy chow!

Recipe at the bottom of this post
Leinenkugel's came out with a new fall variety pack of shandy beers and I decided to give it a try. The Old Fashioned Shandy doesn't taste like a beer at all, more of a Southern Comfort Old Fashioned. It took me two tries to decide that this was ok.

The other flavors are a Cranberry Ginger Shandy that reminds me a little of a Moscow Mule and a Harvest Patch Shandy that resembled a pumpkin beer but more sweet.

We ate and and drank and watched the Green & Gold do their best against the World Champion Seattle Seahawks. They put in a valiant effort but didn't come out the winner.

Every year, our favorite wine sales rep from Fox Run Sentry Liquor (RIP!) invites us to a tailgate at Miller Park. He supplies the meat and tickets and just asks us to come with a side and enjoy the game with him. This gigantic taco salad hit the spot for us and kept us busy while the brats were cooking away.
I made a new recipe of Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treat cups. They were such a hit, most ate these before they ate the rest of the tailgate goodies.

The seats were on the 2nd level of Miller Park and gave us a great view of all the action, including the famous Racing Sausage Race (congrats Chorizo!). The Brewers put in a valiant effort but couldn't hold on to bring us a win in the end. The team really crumbled in September this year and didn't even make the playoffs when they were the best team in baseball for the majority of the season. That's ok - I'll still cheer on my Brew Crew boys!

Ok - now onto the party that I threw for the Thursday night Packers game against our forever rivals - the Minnesota Vikings. These are always well debated games so I thought I would get everyone together at my place and cheer our boys on.

I'm on a tighter budget so I thought long and hard about a way to throw a party with great food, for a low price.

Drum roll please.......Baked Potato Bar.

I shopped for almost everything at Woodman's and put out the whole smorgasbord for under $20 and had leftovers.

10 lb. Bag of Potatoes - 1.69
Chives - cut from my garden
Stadium Cheese - $2.50
Fresh Broccoli - $1.00
Green Onion - $.69
Ranch - $2.00
Sour Cream - $1.29
Bacon Bits - $2.39
Shredded Cheese - $2.09
Butter - $1.50
Cheese & Sausage - $3.00

The chili was provided by a friend that came to the party - Wendy's chili - a perfect addition for the tater bar.

I had never done a mass quantity of potatoes in the oven before and most recipes said 45 mins - 1 hour for the potatoes. NOTE:When you are cooking 10 decent sized potatoes at the same time, they will take almost double that time. I just kept setting the timer for another 15 minutes and then would give them a poke until I felt they were done. They turned out perfectly!

I put a little olive oil on each piece of foil, then sprinkled a little salt on it, wrapped the foil around each one tightly and put them on a pan.

The tater bar was a huge success and I have a few potatoes and toppings leftover to enjoy this week. This definitely helped me save money and provide my friends a great dinner they could customize to their own taste. My friend also brought some cookies that I didn't take a picture of (FAIL) but they were pumpkin spice and delicious (WIN). They tasted like FALL - YUMMY! 

My friend brought McKenzie's Black Cherry Hard Cider for me to try and it was delicious! My cousin told me they have a pumpkin too that she loves so I will have to get some of that as well to enjoy this Fall. But definitely in moderation. Each bottle is 200 calories! Yikes!
The Green and Gold boys dominated the Vikings and brought in a huge win which makes a lot of us feel a lot better about the season, now that we have more wins than losses on our side.


Salsa -
3 Tomatoes, diced no seeds
1 Green Pepper, diced
1/2 White Onion, diced
4 Green Onions, diced
1 can Black Beans, rinsed
2 Tbsp. lime juice or to taste
1/4 cup fresh cilantro - chopped
Sprinkling of salt
1 Tbsp Crushed Garlic
Poblano Pepper, diced, no seeds (You can use any pepper if you want it hotter)

Creamy Cucumber Salad -
2 - 3 cucumbers - peeled and chopped
3 medium sized tomatoes - chopped
1 green pepper  - chopped
1/2 cup light Miracle Whip (could do 1/4 Miracle Whip & 1/4 Mayo too)
Stir all ingredients together and refrigerate for a few hours. Best served the day it's made.

Monday, October 6, 2014

United We Dine for United Way

I know I have shared this information with you in past years (here and here) but it's again time for United We Dine: 2014 Edition!

If you aren't familiar with this program, I'll break it down. United Way in Waukesha County partners with area restaurants in the months of October and November. These partnering restaurants provide United Way in Waukesha County a portion of the sales from the day(s) they chose. Each business can customize exactly how they want their day to work; some restaurants offer a full day percentage of sales and others will offer the proceeds if a special flyer is shown by the customer or the customer mentions United Way when ordering.

Here is a link to the October calendar. Remember to read the blue print to make sure you mention or print off the flyer that was requested (if needed) I hope to make it to a few this year and maybe some new ones as well.

Here is a run down of the next few weeks so maybe you can plan out a day to participate while eating a great meal at a local establishment.

Today 10/6 - TGI Fridays in Brookfield (show this flyer). This place is currently running an endless appetizer promotion and great drinks. The burgers and pretty ok too!

10/7 - Sprizzo's Gallery Cafe - I love this place and have been here many, many times. The creative soup and sandwiches with the fancy mayos always tempt my tastebuds!

10/8 - Kim's Lakeside in Pewaukee - I keep wanting to check this place out and haven't found time yet.

10/9 - Gyros West Waukesha - I think I might just make this Thursdays lunch! I have been here quite a few times, but doesn't look like I have written about them yet!

10/10 - Uno Pizzeria & Grill, Menomonee Falls - I really miss the Uno's on Bluemound but I'm glad that there is still another location in the area.

10/13 - Famous Dave's Waukesha (show this flyer)- I have a friend that absolutely loves this place. Maybe I'll convince him to get dinner with me that night.

10/14 - Denny's Waukesha - (8 - 2 pm & 4 - 10 pm) - Who doesn't want a Grand Slam?

10/15 - Chuck E Cheese's Brookfield (mention United Way)

10/16 - Trysting Place Pub, Menomonee Falls - I have been here once after Brewers Opening Day and I remember the burger to be excellent!

10/17 - First Watch Brookfield - Love this place - I think of it at a healthy version of Perkins....not that Perkins is really bad for you, but First Watch makes protein and fiber loaded breakfasts with a focus on health. The fruit filled crepes are one of my favorites. Maybe I'll call ahead and drive there before work??

Hope you can support United Way in Waukesha County by enjoying a meal at one of these fine places!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Lucky Rabbit

Last week Tuesday, I had plans to go to a beer dinner at Bernie's Tap Room with a few friends but due to circumstances outside of Bernie's control, the dinner had to be cancelled. We are patiently awaiting the next dinner and hope it's a great brewery they feature!! 

But we didn't want to cancel our plans of a night out, so we started thinking of a different place to try. I have been going on a lot of walks on my lunches and noticed a sign outside of The Lucky Rabbit on St. Paul and Madison offering $2 taps and $2 pizzas on Tuesdays. I was curious about this and suggested it to my friends and they thought we should try it out.

We met up at 6:30 and found some comfy lounge chairs inside the bar and sat down for the evening. The owners of The Lucky Rabbit have done a fantastic job rehabbing the place from what was once a place I never wanted to go into with a sketchy crowd, to a modern, young and fun place bar. It's painted orange on the inside with a very cool wooden soffit that adds architecture and ambiance. There is a stage for the DJ or band to play on, lounge seating, high-top tables, and lots of seating at the bar.

A very friendly server came over right away and explained the drink and food specials for the night. $2 domestic taps, (they have quite a selection of craft and imports on tap as well) and $2 pizzas that are 9" hand tossed or thin crust with 1 meat and 2 veggies on top. Also, the jumbo pretzels were $2 that night as well. We ordered drinks and took a look at all the different topping choices we could get on the pizza while we waited for the drinks to come back.

My friend Brandon saw they had Pumpking on tap and if you haven't had this pumpkin beer, it's a must! It's like pumpkin pie in liquid form - so yummy! I had to have one or two of those with my pizza.

We all decided on pizzas and Tiffany ordered us some garlic toast as well. The garlic toast came out quickly and was 5 pieces of french bread lightly coated with a garlic butter/oil spread and marinara for dipping. The bread was cut thin and toasted to a nice golden crisp - just the way I like it. And the marinara was pretty excellent too! We could have gotten by with one order, but the server wasn't sure how many pieces came per order so we went with two to be safe.

Then the pizzas came out. We all ended up with thin crust on accident but for $2, I wasn't gonna complain. And they were delicious! I probably shouldn't have eaten the whole thing and garlic bread too but it was so good. The marinara has great flavor and they are generous with the toppings.

 Sausage, Black Olive & Mushroom

 Pepperoni, Pineapple and Banana Peppers
 Green Olive, Tomato and ? - This one was just three veggies
 Pepperoni, Black Olive and Onion

We ate, chatted, watched the Yankees game (Funny that the Brewers weren't on any of their TVs though they were playing that night - oh well - we watched one of Jeter's last games at least).
I have been friends with this guy since preschool and I'm glad that we can still meet up and hang out. We hope to meet up again soon and do another dinner out.

The Lucky Rabbit also does brunch on Saturdays & Sundays. They are advertising Breakfast and a Bloody for $10 currently. I don't like Bloodys but the breakfast options look pretty good to me! Since this place is owned by the same folks that own Fuzzy's, which has amazing breakfast, I'm sure it's top notch food. Maybe they will sub a mimosa or other morning cocktail  for this girl!

I'll have to watch what specials they run other nights, but I definitely want to go back for more pizza.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 2

 Day 8:
 Homemade Broccoli Potato Cheese soup. Even though the "whipper doodle" stripped out on this soup, I still was able to blend it up and it was just as nutritious and delicious. Soup season is upon us. 

Day 9:
 I have known Tony since preschool and we still keep in touch and try to meet up a few times a year for a drink and dinner. This was one of those times and it was another great night!

Day 10:
 Happy Birthday to my Mom - Dinner at Matty's and spending time with my family always makes me happy!

 Day 11:
 I just love this guitar in Waukesha - the mirrored state of Wisconsin is such a statement - I really like it. 

Day 12:
 The first day that I really noticed the leaves changing a lot in Waukesha - Makes me happy and makes me think of warm days, cool evenings, spiced cider, boots and sweaters!

Day 13:
My amazing nephew Alex had his 3rd birthday and he is such a cool kid. So friendly and saying hi and bye to everyone that comes to his house. He had so many friends to celebrate with and that was great to see. 

Day 14:
 Grandpa turned 97!!!! Seeing all the love in the room for his big day was amazing. He was so happy to see everyone!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Easy Eggs

I'm not someone that typically picks eggs for breakfast. I like French Toast, Pancakes, Waffles - the carb-loaded dishes. But this past Sunday, I decided to get myself started on the right path and eat some quality protein and make some eggs.

Omelets, hard boiled and scrambled are the only ways I like my eggs. Runny yolks gross me out! So I cracked two of them in a bowl and added some milk. This gives fluffier eggs with a smoother texture. I add a little salt and pepper right at this point so it cooks into the eggs and I don't salt them after.

I was going to go for an omelet but then decided to be less fancy and add the veggies directly into the eggs. I started by chopping some green pepper and tomato up and then added that into the pan I planned to use for the eggs. A little EVOO spray from my MISTO and then added some spinach to that. I sauteed it all for just a few minutes - the spinach was wilting and the hard crunch from the veggies was gone. I put the veggies on the side and using the same pan and another squirt or two from my MISTO, I poured in the eggs over medium-high heat.

I let the eggs sit for just a minute and tehn start scraping around the pan. Once the eggs started to clump into their scrambled state, I added in the veggies. Then just a few flips around in the pan to make sure the eggs were cooked through and voila breakfast (almost done).

I put the eggs on a plate and sprinkled a little Romano cheese over the top and served with a side of toasted light wheat bread (ok I couldn't completely ignore the carbs that were screaming my name) and some four-berry jelly. This was a great breakfast. I only missed the butter on my toast slightly but I survived. I didn't need that extra bit of fat with all I had going on.

This filled me up for all of the morning and through the Packers game (sad loss). I didn't even realize I forgot to eat lunch until I headed out on my run and realized my body was very low on fuel. After three great miles on a new route I made, I came home and made a sandwich quickly to tide me over.

Later that night I made a big pot of Broccoli Potato Cheese soup and my 'whipper-doodle' broke. For those that don't know, my whipper-doodle is the name my mom came up with for the immersion blender and it stripped out. I would guess it's two years old now and used maybe a dozen times so I'm a little bummed that it died so soon. This one was mid-range in price, so I would hope that spending a little more is going to provide me one that will last a little longer! Luckily my birthday is right around my corner and I shared with my mom the devastation of the whipper-doodle's death and she thought that a new one would make a great present!